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contact. Are you ready to be a kinky patient in close clinical medical contact at Doctor Sadistra’s Central London Fetish Clinic?

Excited and pumped with adrenaline for an exhilarating medical session, with all of your most ardent medical dreams, fantasies and fetishes explored?

Fill in the online contact form to take action for the kinky recovery you know you so badly require. Allow Dr Annabel Sadistra’s clinical atmosphere at London’s Twisted Clinic to draw you in and take you on a medical journey of a lifetime.

contact. Are you ready to be a kinky patient in close clinical medical contact at Doctor Sadistra's Central London Fetish Clinic? 

A very lucky medical patient, addicted to rubber/gummi clinic adventures, undergoes a full session in the Serious Kit Rubber Vacuum Suit and milked by the Serious Kit Milker with lots of exciting E-Stim innovations. Your rubber packed skin will slide and suck against the suit, turning you into a newly created bondage creature for Dr Annabel Sadistra’s perverse pleasure. This can be coupled with extreme breathplay or aromas, to concentrate your desire and produce dynamite -like sensations of the body and mind.

Allow your most private and decadent medical and clinical desires to unfurl for hours at London’s Twisted Clinic. In-patients requiring a longer stay can be accommodated overnight in prolonged clinical restraint, and a new clinical asylum annex will open in the winter of 2016. Mind control and extreme bizarre practices of a medical nature, including full psychosis assessment and complete personality adjustment are undertaken with skill and integrity. In-patient emergency admissions for up to 3 days can take place at Dr Annabel Sadistra’s discretion.

Stress positions and bondage predicament play, coupled with sensory deprivation, will allow the Dr to break your will at the Fetish Asylum. This type of play is both unusual and hardcore, and not for the faint-hearted!


Fees are appropriate for the quality and breath of bespoke treatments afforded to you by Mistress Annabel at Her private London studio. Everything is spotlessly clean and sterile and the three fully equipped rooms allow you to experience a wealth of treatments many unseen elsewhere in the UK. Lavish amounts have been spent to ensure everything is beyond your expectations! Mistress Annabel is a lover of complex and ingenious play and engaging both your body and mind in every scene She undertakes.

Fees are £260 per hour and extra treatments such as invasive medical treatments where sterile disposables are used or extreme breathplay will occur an addition charge. All fees are pro rata.

Couples training is £280 for the first hour and £180 per hour thereafter. Again, invasive treatments requiring pre-packed sterile items or extreme breathplay will be charged accordingly. Mistress welcomes couples of all persuasions and is happy to accommodate novices, or those where one partner is more advanced in play than another. Interaction with other subs both male and female can be arranged.

Long term clinical bondage weekends, with an exciting range of medical possibilities, are shown on the news section of the websites under “Open when Closed”.

Dr Annabel Sadistra does not entertain non-fee paying or private submissives, this is a strictly professional bespoke encounter and your discretion will be guaranteed.

Telephone: 07 377 264 773 – CALLS ONLY! NO TEXTS! NO WITHHELD NUMBERS!

The contact form, below, is the first port of call to enquire about exciting and innovative clinical treatments and medical fetishes.


Read more about some of the exciting medical treatments at –

contact. Are you ready to be a kinky patient in close clinical medical contact at Doctor Sadistra’s Central London Fetish Clinic? 07 377 264 773

Twisted Clinic Blog – Ward 7

London Medical Mistress Annabel, premier London medical fetish Mistress, clinical restraint erotic medical treatment breath control,exclusive fetish clinic.

London Medical Mistress, Mistress Annabel, is London’s premier medical fetish Mistress offering clinical restraint, erotic medical treatment, anal exploration, hypnosis, and breath control procedures, in her exclusive fetish clinic and BDSM studio moments away from the Royal Albert Hall in central London.

The London Clinic: a medical fetishist’s dream, a rubberist’s fantasy. Fantasy medical treatments from the sublime to the truly bizarre for the most ardent of devotees and medical fetishists. Many bespoke clinical bondage and breath control treatments unseen outside continental Europe.

There are both Serious Kit Cock & Nipple Milkers and Venus 2000 Milking Machine, plus many other mechanical devices at Doctor Sadistra’s full disposal in London’s Twisted Clinic. Unusual sexual therapies and bizarre medical practices await you on a medical journey like no other. Doctor Annabel Sadistra is a skilled and ardent professional practitioner, with keen attention to detail.

Both naso, rectal, and urinary catheters are available, pre-packed and sterile, in all gauges, for Dr Sadistra to invade and flush all of your secret places. Imagine being held as a helpless medical patient, restrained by the nose, head, and body, with every hole being controlled at will. The naso catheters are a particularly exciting innovation. Liquids can be fed to you by Dr Sadistra via your nasal cavity, straight down the back of your throat, whether your mouth is open or closed! This brings total control fantasies and dreams for the helpless medical patient into stark reality!

Many of these treatments are complete innovations by the London Medical Mistress, and will take you further and deeper into the kinky world of medical fetishism. Please be aware, a full medical history will be taken from you before any medical treatments can take place. Sterile protocol is adhered to at all times.

Step inside London’s Twisted Clinic, open from 10am daily.