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london gummi klinik. London Medical Mistress Annabel has created a medical fetish enigma – a paradox. A kinky clinic for private desires and fetish dreams. A place where individuals/patients/victims could submit either body or mind (and sometimes both). Bringing the ethos of a German gummi-klinik to London’s fashionable Kensington and mixing cutting-edge techniques and reflecting Mistress Annabel’s own perverse interests in latex fetishes, medical play, breath control, hypnosis, anaesthesia play, and total control. The UK’s finest gummi-klinik guaranteed or your money back!

All the wonderful fetish equipment you see contained within these pages apart from one or two exceptions, is owned by Dr Sadistra and available for our kinky medical play at London’s Twisted Clinic. The rubber latex collection is truly world-class and unseen and unrivalled anywhere else in the UK.

london gummi klinik. London Medical Mistress Annabel has created a medical fetish enigma - a paradox. A kinky clinic for private desires and fetish dreams.

Luxuriate in the heavy rubber Serious Kit pulsating vacuum suit, with integrated electrical ports, using the Serious Kit milking machine. Doctor Sadistra is (at the present time) the only professional practitioner in the UK to own this unique suit. Coming soon! The Serious Kit pulsating vacuum hood for total immobilisation of the head and total breath control. This item will be delivered to Doctor Sadistra in April 2015. This hood is also very useful for fluid play and forced-feeding fantasies – let you kinky imagination do the rest!

Catsuits, hoods, gasmasks, doll-suits, posture collars, strait jackets, heavy rubber corsets, piss-panties, pussy-panties, inflatable tits, breath control and strangulation hoods, re-breathing bladders between 1L and 6L, complex gasmasks and breathing tubes, all await you in a wide range of sizes. Mistress Annabel does not just have one of each item. Furthermore, many clinical items have been designed as bespoke items by Mistress herself. There is a stunning range of heavy rubber gasmasks and hoods by such iconic designers, such as Studio Gum and Rubber’s Finest, in a whole range of head sizes and neck configurations to take you deep into rubber subspace!

gummi klinik london. London Medical Mistress Annabel has created a medical fetish enigma - a paradox. A kinky clinic for private desires and fetish dreams.

Imagine a sterile medical room where all your rubber fantasies and kinky medical dreams can come true. Provision is made for several layers of rubber, either heavy rubber or lighter-weight latex; total control, breath-play fantasies, anal insertions, fisting, and enemas, mind-control and hypnosis, urine, and extreme bondage therapies undertaken with skill and integrity.

All treatments undertaken by a latex nurse or bizarre rubber Bitch doctor, fully versed in even the most extreme and complex medical procedures. Unlike any other facility within the UK.

Should you find a gummi-klinik with better facilities and rubber provision within the UK, Mistress will happily refund your fee.

For more erotic and exciting information on the world-class rubber facilities that can be afforded to you, please check my specialist London ‘Rubber Mistress’ website.

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gummi klinik london. London Medical Mistress Annabel has created a medical fetish enigma - a paradox. A kinky clinic for private desires and fetish dreams.

The photos shown above are from a real gummi clinic session showing the Serious Kit pulsating vacuum suit, triple decker eros-tec 312 electrics, Serious Kit milking machine, and Novopro 100 erotic hypnosis and mind control device. All of this equipment is owned and ready to be used at London’s Twisted Clinic.

gummi klinik london. London Medical Mistress Annabel has created a medical fetish enigma - a paradox. A kinky clinic for private desires and fetish dreams.

Patient is visiting office to get a physical exam needed for new job. Doctor is stern and professional, but appears to enjoy the power She has over the Patient (to direct him, to arouse him). Her instructions are deliberate and precise. Patient is firmly corrected for any variance from instructions. He is instructed that if he does not follow instructions exactly he will fail the exam and not get the job.

Realistic medical exam begins…

Doctor Sadistra enters the room and tells Patient that she will be performing the physical today and it will be very thorough. Patient response that he is uncomfortable with a female physician, however Doctor replies she is the only Doctor available. Doctor Sadistra tells patient sharply to get undressed and she will be back in a few minutes!

Several minutes later Doctor enters room. Patient is seated on examining table, wearing under-shorts. Doctor says to Patient, sternly: ‘I thought I told you to get undressed. This will be a very thorough exam; you must be completely undressed…please stand up!’ Doctor removes Patient’s underwear and orders him up on the examination table.

Doctor asks patient for a brief medical history, asking questions pertaining to general heath, any health concerns.

Doctor inquires about:
:: General health, family history, ever been in a hospital, any major injuries
:: Frequency of exercise
:: Diet
:: Frequency of urination, bowel movements, bladder urgency
:: Sexual history (patient is reluctant to answers these questions, wondering why this information is necessary for a job medical…)
:: Age of first wet dream
:: First sexual experience with a partner
:: First intercourse
:: Number of partners lifetime
:: Various sexual acts participated in (intercourse, positions, oral, anal)
:: Any history of STDs
:: Fetishes
:: Any bi-sexual acts/ experiences

Current sex life
:: Frequency of masturbation; methods; use/types of pornography; toys
:: Frequency of sexual activity with partner; activities, number of orgasms
:: Satisfaction / sexual inadequacy (penis size), performance issues or concerns During this discussion, Doctor glances at Patient’s genitals repeatedly, looking for signs of arousal. If the patient is erect, Doctor Sadistra comments with intent to embarrass Patient.

Patient is asked to give a urine sample. Patient wants to give the sample in another room but Doctor insists to that patient give the sample in her presence to make sure it is a legit sample. Doctor hands patient a sample cup and stands closely by, watching while Patient delivers specimen. If Patient is unable to deliver the sample, due to nervousness or arousal, Doctor reprimands patient sternly, commenting that Patient is wasting her time.

Dr Sadistra take’s vital signs: blood pressure, heart rate, height/weight. Listen to breathing via stethoscope, look into eyes, ears. All the usual items. Patient notices during this (and following steps) that Doctor Sadistra seems to stand closer than would usually be considered appropriate and often rests one of her hands on the Patient in a manner that might be considered inappropriate and sexually aggressive during exam procedures.

Doctor says the next item is to take temperature. Patient opens mouth, but Doctor says to get an accurate reading says, we must take it rectally. Patient objects but Doctor insists. Instructs Patient to bend over. Patient’s anus in lubricated thoroughly with a gloved finger before insertion of thermometer. Doctor remains in the room, close by the patient, while waiting and observing Patient’s discomfort. While standing, Doctor checks patient’s posture. Patient is asked to bend over and touch toes; during this, Doctor examines Patient’s spine and lower back, She seems to be enjoying putting the patient into uncomfortable posture positions. Patient is asked to walk back and forth across the room. While Patient is still standing, Doctor Sadistra does standard hernia exam.

Patient is asked to get back on the examining table face down. Doctor examines Patient’s back (spine), buttocks and legs. Lots of touching, probing, etc. Both light (stroking of hair) and also with pressure.

Patient is asked to turn over. Patient is now lying on his back face-up. Doctor begins by examining Patient’s chest and torso. Pays special attention to armpits and nipples, pinching, twisting, and pulling hair on chest and in armpits. She then proceeds to stomach and groin, much pushing and probing. Occasionally brushing genitals ‘unintentionally’. Then proceed to examination of legs. Again, light and hard strokes, feeling muscles, especially upper thigh. Doctor asks patient to lift, flex, spread and stretch legs over head.

Intimate examination of the genitals/pubic region. This step and the following step are done with Patient is now in stirrups to add to the sense of vulnerability and humiliation. Dr Sadistra begins with a thorough examination of the scrotum and testicles. Light pressure, with much stretching and pulling. Doctor asks Patient to indicate if anything causes pain. Followed by examination of the penis. Examining the glans and shaft, even moving foreskin up and down slowly. Lubricant is applied to the penis followed by very slow, teasing stroking, short of ejaculation. Doctor conveys that this is necessary in order to ‘judge normal sexual responsiveness’. However patient is warned to NOT ejaculate. When fully erect, the penis is measured and recorded. Doctor Sadistra comments, in a smirking/humiliating manner that the patient’s penis is well below average in size, as discussed earlier. The penis is then allowed to go soft (untouched, just closely observed) and then again brought to hardness via slow stroking; and then clinically re-measured.

Rectal/anal examination. Visual exam of anus and perineum. Patients buttocks are repeatedly spread apart. Patient’s anus is lubricated. Prostate gland is felt, repeatedly. Doctor uses 1 finger, then 2, then 3, and so on. Doctor uses various instruments inserted in the anus including a scope and electro-speculum. During this exam, the penis is occasionally touched & gently stoked.

Doctor Sadistra icily informs Patient that the last step in the exam will be to obtain a semen sample. Patient asks how this sample is to be obtained and Doctor replies that questions like that will not be tolerated but in order to obtain the proper amount, she will have to ‘extract’ the sample via manual manipulation – should this not be satisfactory, a mechanical milking machine will be used. The hot semen sample is extracted under duress, placed into a container and the exam is complete. Patient is told to get dressed.

Enhancements to scenario : :: Restraints, dental gags and medical head harness/medical posture collar
:: Doctor is accompanied by student nurse/ assistant(s), if available, who observe and ask questions, to add to the humiliation and tension of the exam, assisting Dr Sadistra giving ‘aromas’
:: Shaving of shaft, scrotum / perineum
:: Masturbation and milking devices/machines

Anal rosebud about to undergo needle therapy from Dr Annabel Sadistra and the student nurse at London’s Twisted Clinic. E-stim, metal plugs of all sizes and diameters are used in willing patients for Dr Sadistra’s perverted pleasure. January 2018.

london gummi klinik