Mistress Annabel Open Closed!

Mistress Annabel Open Closed! London Clinic will be open some Saturdays and Sundays and bank holidays on the following dates for BDSM and fetish appointments in London with London Mistress Annabel. UK clinical bondage Mistress, medical Mistress, latex rubber fetish Doctor, strict Nurse, erotic hyno Domme.

Spaces are limited. Due to the number of regular clients, there will be a very limited intake of new fetishists, subs and TV/CDs. Longer sessions may require a deposit.

Some new bondage days / nights for long-term bondage have been announced. These will be either 4, 6, or 8 hours in duration. Bespoke bondage and clinical restraint, coupled with sensation play or seclusion / isolation and overnight stays (perfect for those travelling from afar), will be charged on a sliding scale. Watch this space for further announcements, and the enticing possibilities Dr Sadistra will be affording her submissives and medical fetish in-patients and Fetish Asylum inmates!


9 June
23 & 24 June
7 & 8 July
4 August
1 & 2 September

telephone: 07 377 264 773

NB! Every new medical patient must be spoken to before an appointment will be granted. In some instances, a deposit will be required. Same day appointments can ONLY be made by telephone. No exceptions! Dr Sadistra is far to busy to be connected to email by the hip, for others convenience.

email: creative_intelligentsia [at] hushmail.com


Open when closed London's Twisted Clinic Saturdays Sundays
Rubber bondage and medical play in suspension at London’s Twisted Clinic. Breath control and rubber doll training undertaken with skill and integrity with a world class rubber medical Mistress.

Open when closed London’s Twisted Clinic Saturdays Sundays.


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Open / closed London’s Twisted Clinic Saturdays Sundays